How Can I Save Space in My Bathroom? – Choosing the Right Vanity Unit

There are many different vanity units and there will be one to suit the space available in your bathroom. Not all of us have space for a vanity as large as the one below. So how do you choose the right vanity unit?

Image by Michael Gault from Pixabay

Space Available

This is the most important question in considering this question. There is a catch, though, and that is where is your plumbing. Vanities either need to be where the plumbing is, or the pipes must be extended to where you want the unit to be placed. Extending the plumbing is expensive, and alternatives should be considered.

Bear in mind that if floor space is at an absolute premium, it is possible to buy a wall-mounted vanity unit. This type hangs suspended above the floor, but usually contains less storage space than many of the smaller floor standing vanities. As a bonus, however, they do make cleaning the floor easier.

Storage Needed

Why buy a bathroom vanity that can hold more than you need to store? Perhaps you anticipate that your storage needs will grow. That makes sense, but if space is at a premium then you need to think about the present. If your need is for storage space, then prioritise your need that and if you can make do with a shallow basin then go for that and use the additional space for storage. 

Space-saving is not just about the physical footprint of the vanity, but also how much it reduces the need for other items in your bathroom. A practical example is a vanity with a cupboard large enough to put a laundry basket in will save space because the container for dirty clothes will be out of the way.

Vanity Types

There are several types of vanity. Floor standing and wall mounted have already been mentioned. There are varieties, though, particularly of the floor type, which can be built-in or free-standing. There are large double cabinet varieties and small versions designed to fit in a corner. 

Vanities come in different shapes as well and can be selected to best suit the space you have available and how it is shaped. 

It is a good idea to sketch out a scale floor plan and then play with the possible sizes and shapes to see what works best for the way your bathroom is designed.


If you have the luxury of a large bathroom, then saving space is not an issue, but it is for the rest of us. There are two primary considerations in buying a vanity unit to save space. These are how much space can you manage in your bathroom and how much that you could have packed elsewhere will you be able to store in your vanity.

Always move from the physical space to the décor and avoid remodelling the space simply because you insist on a particular vanity.